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How does the Foundation plan on making an impact?

There are many options for the Foundation to support the game of golf in the community at CCC; especially with young people, ladies, seniors and underserved populations.

Here are several ways that we may partner with the Club in 2023...

* Junior Golf Scholarship Programs

* Junior Golf Lessons & Camps

* Ladies/Family/Couples Lessons

* Continued improvements and access to Golf Simulator

* Updates to the Practice Facility; range, putting & chipping areas.

* Increased access to training equipment and resources to make things more fun for golfers

* Tee box projects; specifically for juniors/ladies/seniors on the Front 9 to make the game more enjoyable & fair.

* Promoting health/fitness by encouraging things like walking

We will continue to cast our vision on ways the Foundation can positively impact the game of golf at Cloquet Country Club for years to come!

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